frank rapant

These are artist proofs and subject to change. These are made on iPad in Procreate, the actual prints are archival inkjet and pigment liner on paper.

I am still editing and adding new work.

On display as a 40 print solo exhibit at January 2 - February 28, 2023.

Ode To Duane

I first saw Duane Michals’s work as an undergrad photography student in 2004. In the series, Things Are Queer, the camera pulls back continually on a scene of a bathroom with a framed photograph over the sink, creating a very clever loop of still imagery. I was hooked immediately.

Studying the work of Duane Michals over the years has helped change me from a jaded, jerky kid with very little compassion or respect to whatever it is that I am now, (hopefully something better). This body of work is my thank you to Duane; emulating his style of combining writing and imagery, and working in series, but adapting it to be about me, my life, and my experiences. The images are existing photographs I made over the years for other (mostly commercial) purposes, paired intentionally with my writing (in my own handwriting), some of which was existing, and some written specifically for the photograph pairing. Most of the written work is fiction, but some is poetry, and some is autobiography.

I realize this work could be seen as derivative, and I embrace that. It is not supposed to exist on the same plane as Michals, but somewhere below it as an homage of sorts. I know that I am not smart enough to even try to do what he does, yet I hope this work will acknowledge the effect he has had on me.

Frank Rapant 

Castleton NY 


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